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Hey, guys! Hope all of you are having a great New Year so far.

I just wanted to check in and report on some stuff on my end. Many of you are waiting on commissions from me (and I thank you for your patience!), and I'm working my booty off to take care of those, my current sketch card sets (four sets...I need a nap!), and the motion comic as well. As many of you guessed, the motion comic has been pushed back to this year, simply because of the amount of responsibilities that've been piling up. Add it to a few personal/health issues (nothing I can't handle, so don't worry!), and it made for a rocky end of December/start to January. I didn't even have enough time to do my usual holiday journals or draw a Christmas card this year. :/ But, I'm bouncing back and doing all I can to make good on all this work. Believe me, there's a lot to do on my end!

For those of you that have sent me notes, I'll be replying to them individually as soon as I have a bit more time. I just wanted to pop in quickly and let you know I'm reading them and haven't forgotten about what's owed to you all. Your patience and support means the world to me! :)

And finally, the zombie contest prizes (FROM LAST YEAR, UGH) are going to be going out soon as well! The worst part of the past year has just been the sheer amount of work that has had to take priority over the unpaid personal stuff. That included the motion comic and the prizes from the contest. I'm doing my best to make good on it all, and I hope you all understand and bear with me.

In the meanwhile, I uploaded some test footage I had done for POM that I hope you guys will dig. I think fans of the Republic Commando game will especially notice the attention to detail. The idea is to prove that I am indeed alive, working, and still loving what I do. You can check it out here:

VIDEO - POM - Zombie Commando Sequence Test by JoeHoganArt

Anyway, how were all of your holidays?! And how is the New Year treating all of you! I miss our pow-wow talks. So I hope you guys are doing well!
Joe Hogan Holiday 2013 Commission Rates by JoeHoganArt

Holiday Commission rates are now in effect (now through December 15th only)!

Traditional sketch cards - $20 (normally $30)
Commission 3, get 2 free!
Joe Hogan Personal Sketch Cards - FOR SALE by JoeHoganArtCommish - SW Sketch Cards by JoeHoganArtCommish - Even More Sketch Cards by JoeHoganArtCommish - Cards for Jazz by JoeHoganArt

Digital sketch cards - $25 (normally $30)
Commission 3, get 1 free!
Skyward Sword Lands by JoeHoganArtCommish - Garrus Vakarian by JoeHoganArtRepublic Commando - Gregor by JoeHoganArtThe Nerf Herder by JoeHoganArtNew Challenger Approaching by JoeHoganArtUndead Captain Fordo by JoeHoganArt

All orders of $60 or higher get a choice of a FREE print, two of them (the Star Wars ones "Simply Aayla" and "A New Home") ONLY available through this deal!
Simply Aayla by JoeHoganArtA New Home - Obi-Wan Kenobi by JoeHoganArtThe Wind Waker - A Final Battle (Top 50 Winner) by JoeHoganArt

Finally, I've listed some new prints in my Etsy store, including the popular Adventure Time mash-up collaborations with Mike Vasquez! ALL sketch cards in my Etsy store are on sale, too!
The Wind Waker - A Final Battle (Top 50 Winner) by JoeHoganArtDeadpool Time - Collaboration With Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArtAdventure Wars - Collaboration With Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArtDead Adventure - Collaboration With Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArtOcarina of Adventure Time - Collab w Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArtSuper Smash Time - Collab w Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArtEvil Dead Time - Collab w Mike Vasquez by JoeHoganArt…

The best part of it all? No Thanksgiving weekend shoppers to fight! :) Hope you all have a great Holiday!

Simply email with what you'd like to commission, and then send payment to the same address once I've confirmed the cost. Or, feel free to PM me here on Facebook if you have questions.
Hey, all!

I'm happy to announce for the first time in almost a year (but the first time in 2013!) that I'll finally be opening commission slots again! A heads-up as I'm juggling quite a few big paid projects all at once that it will take me some time to get through them, but I'm only accepting 15 slots for this round. Also, there is NO GUARANTEE I'LL BE ABLE TO OPEN AGAIN BEFORE CHRISTMAS! So if you'd like to commission art as a gift for the holiday's, I'd say do it now to be safe! BUT I'll also be selling prints soon! :)

Anyway, thank you all SO much for your constant support. I don't get to tell you all how much I appreciate your part in letting me do what I do for a living. I feel truly blessed and it's thanks to you guys that I get to call myself a freelance artist. But enough mushy nonsense! Onto the rates:

Digital Cinematic Illustrations
(Starting at) $60 USD -- No prints, just the digital file.
Commish - Wake Up, John. by JoeHoganArtCommish - 501st Rescue by JoeHoganArtCommish - Get Down by JoeHoganArtCommish -- Sensei of the Swamp by JoeHoganArtA New Home - Obi-Wan Kenobi by JoeHoganArt

Traditional Sketch Cards
$30 USD per card, buy 3 and get 1 free! Free shipping!
Joe Hogan Personal Sketch Cards - FOR SALE by JoeHoganArtCommish - SW Sketch Cards by JoeHoganArtSketch Book Cards - 04 by JoeHoganArtCommish - Even More Sketch Cards by JoeHoganArtCommish - Cards for Jazz by JoeHoganArt

Digital Sketch Cards
$30 USD per card -- No prints, just the digital file. Buy 3, get 1 free!
Skyward Sword Lands by JoeHoganArtRepublic Commando - Gregor by JoeHoganArtCommish - Garrus Vakarian by JoeHoganArtNew Challenger Approaching by JoeHoganArtUndead Captain Fordo by JoeHoganArtThe Nerf Herder by JoeHoganArtCommish - Lili and Victor by JoeHoganArtCommish - But Who's Going to Save Me? by JoeHoganArt

Custom Illustrations
Each one is different, so send me a note or an email to discuss what's right for you!
Simply Aayla by JoeHoganArtCommish - Slave Leia (Modified) by JoeHoganArtCommish - Walking With Kenobi by JoeHoganArtMara Jade - Sleight of Hand - 01 by JoeHoganArt

Feel free to browse this folder that's full of commissions I've done over the past two years!

Just send the PayPal payment to with a note stating what it is you'd like. I also accept money orders. Thanks!!

And don't forget to visit my Etsy store!


Commission slots as they stand:
1 - :iconlazyrayfinkle:
2 - :icontheirishrogue:
3 - Jazz K
4 - Chris S
5 - (Anonymous)
6 - :iconaliens-of-star-wars:
7 - :icontroyscomics:
8 - Ole-W
9 - :iconlordhadrian:
10 - Jason F
11 - :iconmunnin:
12 - :iconzeartist:
13 - :iconmaster-dust:
14 - (Pending) Ben K
15 - (Pending) :iconChad74:
Joe Hogan Personal Sketch Cards - FOR SALE by JoeHoganArt

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know I've updated my Etsy store with 16 new personal sketch cards. The Mega Man one in particular is special -- As I'll be showing you my process from start to finish in my next vlog episodes how I created it! Anyway, Hit up the deviation for details with individual links to each card! :) Hope you guys dig!

Hey, guys! I hope all of you are having a badass Summer and those of you here in the States enjoyed your 4th of July! Just wanted to pop in with some fun updates.

First off, I've finally finished a TON of sketch card sets over the last two months! All said and done, it came out to about 430 cards! YIKES! Among one of those sets was Star Wars Galactic Files 2, and I couldn't say another word without showing off some of the AWESOME cards by two new comers...both named Chris! I'm extremely proud of both of you guys for all the hard work it took to get well as the work you put into your cards! I know it'll be the first of many. Check em out and show them guys some love here -- They earned it:

SWGF2 - RETURN CARDS by ChrispyDeeSWGF2 - IT'S A TRAP! by ChrispyDeeSWGF2 - Clone Troopers by ChrispyDee

Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 Sketch Cards 01 by Tyrant-1Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 Sketch Cards 02 by Tyrant-1Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 Sketch Cards 04 by Tyrant-1


I'm working hard on episodes 2 - 4 of my new Vlog series as well! That's right, I'm splitting the sketch card tutorial into 3 parts. Why? Because I'm going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know about working on a set, from start to finish! Not only will I show you my illustration process, but I'm also going to show you all the administrative stuff so that you know exactly what to do once you score a set. And if you've got questions, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK EM! I'll be answering questions in each episode, so be sure to keep them coming! If you happened to miss the first episode, you can find it here:

VLOG - Cup'a Joe - Episode 1 by JoeHoganArt


I've also finally gotten around to updating my Etsy store with a TON of products, but most of them are Marvel AP cards awaiting approval from Upper Deck! That'll be a few weeks, so I'll be updating with some personal sketch cards in the meantime, as well! I've also cut the costs of ALL previously listed remaining sketch cards (there aren't man, get 'em before they go!) in my store. Finally, I've put up my Siren of Dathomir original artwork for sale as well. Remember, the thing is huge and it's NOT a print, but original artwork! Stay tuned to my Etsy store as I'll be adding a ton of original artwork, and my first ever prints!

Fordo and Siren - Blackout 2012 by JoeHoganArt

Remember, you can hit up my Etsy store at the following link:…


So that's what's new with ME...what's new with YOU guys??
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Thank you all SO much for the questions! I had a ton of fun answering them in my first of a series of vlogs. If you have more, keep 'em comin! I'll touch on them in Episode 2!

Without further adieu, I talk about "Clone Wars Resolutions," answer dem Q's, and announce the "Panic Over Muunilinst" zombie clone contest winners! Congrats to everyone involved!!

VLOG - Cup'a Joe - Episode 1 by JoeHoganArt
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Hey, all!

So I've decided that my lack of updates is SUPER lame since I'm working on a ton of stuff that can't be shown off yet. I hate that I'm unable to have an active presence on DA these days, so I've decided to do something about it.

To fix this, I thought it could be fun to do a series of Video Logs (or "vlogs" as the hip kids are calling them these days) showing my process digitally, traditionally, and give sneak peaks at the stuff that I CAN show off, including tidbits involving "Panic Over Muunilinst," my next unofficial motion comic.

BUT for the first episode, I'd love to spend some time answering questions you guys have! Be it about how I work, the motion comic, or even industry-related questions. I'd do my best to answer all of them! :) I'll probably be shooting the first vlog next weekend (where I'll also FINALLY announce the clone contest winners!), so any questions I receive over the next week would be stellar.

The goal is to keep helping those who might be coming behind me who might have questions, or simply for anyone who would enjoy watching me make a total ass of myself (guaranteed to happen at least three times in the first episode).

Thanks in advance, and I hope you guys are doing GREAT in the meantime! I'm seeing some stellar stuff in my DevWatch lately!!

ALSO...What should we name this video series???

All the best,
- Joe
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Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to send me a birthday message or note! You guys are the best. Seriously, I love you all. Thanks so much for the constant support. I'm so grateful for another year with you guys as a part of my life. You guys definitely contributed to another very happy birthday for me. But I've had my party days this weekend, so now it's back to work!!

Best regards!
- Joe
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May the Fourth be with you and Happy Star Wars Day to all! I present to you my celebratory gift for this year's happiest day of the year -- STAR WARS DAY -- A humble offering of Teaser Trailer 2 for my motion comic, "Panic Over Muunilinst"! Hope you guys dig it!

'Panic Over Muunilinst' Teaser Trailer 2 by JoeHoganArt

ALSO you people need to check out Chris D's freaking teaser image for his upcoming comic. IT'S GONNA BE SO GOOD. DO IT RIGHT NOW

Comic teaser poster 2013 by ChrispyDee

Enjoy the "holiday", guys!
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So :iconthaxos: is my 1,000th watcher! Huzzah!

Just wanted to take a quick opportunity to thank all one thousand of you for being a constant source of love, support, and inspiration!!

AND FOR THE LOVE OF CRAP, THE COMMISSIONS I OWE ARE COMING. Did a quick dump today, more on the way this week, FINALLY!

How are all of you doing in the meantime?? I feel like I never get to talk with any of you anymore thanks to this absurd schedule I've agreed to. ;)
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Padme Snowbunny Commission by Chad73Avengers by Chad73Sketch Card commissions limited offer by Chad73Jawa Sketch Card by Chad73Loki in Stuttgart Sketch Card by Chad73

Hey, all! Just wanted to share some love with my buddy Chad! Dude is looking to gain a little more attention, and I know if you guys dig my stuff, you will LOVE his.


Chad's also accepting commissions at this time, and as soon as my next paycheck clears, I myself am hitting him up. You should too! You can find details for his commission rates here:…
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'Panic Over Muunilinst' Teaser Trailer by JoeHoganArt

Be sure to change the settings to HD before watching!

One year ago, my friends and followers here on DeviantArt encouraged the silly notion of turning a short original 8 page comic into a motion comic. I cannot describe just how incredible the experience was. World class voice acting, a humbling degree of positive responses, overwhelming amounts of external promotion, and the most satisfying of all -- the chance to fulfill my vision as an artist.

During the four months of production time of TSOD, there were many times my excitement and fatigue got the best of me and I thought "I can't wait to finish this." A week after completing it, I was already disappointed to not be working on it anymore.

"The Siren of Dathomir" was my love letter to Star Wars. Now, "Panic Over Muunilinst" is my love letter to the Star Wars community. I've said before that if you guys will continue to view me and my work, I will keep producing it. You guys said you wanted more motion comics, more Star Wars, and much to my delight, more Captain Fordo. Well, you got it. I genuinely hope you will enjoy where I take the character over the next two motion comics. While still a very blatant homage to the Micro-series, I'm going to take this character to some possibly surprising places. We established that Fordo was a free thinker in TSOD, but soon we are going to see what that actually means.

I'd like to give a quick special mention to Karl LaClair & Jason Hunt for their stellar voice acting in the trailer, as well as David "MEEQ" Lajara for his AMAZING rendition of the "ARC Trooper Suite," which you'll be hearing a lot more of in the full motion comic! Finally, a quick shoutout to Chris Duhaze (aka :iconchrispydee:for his awesome trooper design for one of Red Mist squad's newest members, Crispy.

I hope you'll join me and my favorite ARC Captain in 2013, when he and his Red Mist squad take to the skies of Muunilinst, and deal with some horrific shit.
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Hey, all! Decided to extend the contest by a week! Normally I do reminders and have just been swamped. So I figured I'd throw in another week! :) Awesome stuff so far, all!!

POM Zombie Clone Contest Rules and Prizes by JoeHoganArt

What better way to celebrate the world-premiere teaser trailer tomorrow night than with a contest?! Want to help design a zombie Clone Trooper (AKA Death Trooper) for my motion comic, "Panic Over Muunilinst?" I could use all the help I can get, so now's the time! For the record, the top 3 designs will win a pretty awesome prize, I think - An AWESOME action figure by Hasbro that comes with all the accessories to have a Phase I OR Phase II Captain Fordo! This is easily my favorite figure of all time! :D But first, the rules!

- MUST be a zombie!
- Phase II armor. Unhelmetted Clones encouraged as well!
- Phase I Clones not eligible.
- Both digital and traditional designs welcome!
- MUST be uploaded to YOUR DeviantArt gallery!
- MUST MUST MUST be YOUR original design!
- Gore is accepted, but in moderation please!
- Republic Commandos, ARC Troopers, etc, are eligible, but you MUST also submit a standard Phase II Clone design for each "Special" Clone design.
- MUST be submitted to THIS JOURNAL in the comments ON OR BEFORE 12 AM (Eastern Time) April 7th, 2013.


Top 10 Designs:
- 1(x) POM-themed Personal Sketch Card featuring Captain Fordo!
- Your design featured in "Panic Over Muunilinst"!

Top 3 Designs:
- 1(x) Sealed "ARC Trooper Commander (Fordo)" Hasbro Vintage Collection Star Wars figure!
- 1(x) POM-themed Personal Sketch Card featuring Captain Fordo!
- Your design featured in "Panic Over Muunilinst"!

Grand Prize:
- 2(x) POM-themed Official 501st Celebration VI Sketch Cards!
- 1(x) Sealed "ARC Trooper Commander (Fordo)" Hasbro Vintage Collection Star Wars figure!
- 1(x) POM-themed Personal Sketch Card featuring Captain Fordo!
- Your design featured in "Panic Over Muunilinst", THAT WILL KILL A MEMBER OF FORDO'S ELITE TEAM, the "Red Mist" Squad!
- One more possible prize TBD!


Entries to date:
ClonecontestZombie Clone Snake by ThomasBlack1ClonecontestZombie Clone by ThomasBlack1Death Trooper Sketch Card by Todd-the-foxZombie Clonetrooper by classicsonicawesomeZombie Clonetrooper 2 by classicsonicawesomeClone Zombie Concepts by SnowbaconZombie Clone by ReznorixZombie Clone Trooper by Danny25438Zombie Trooper by StoormtroopaZombie clone trooper by Sonny007Zombie Trooper Contest Entry 2 by StoormtroopaZombie Clone contest by ThomasBlack1Zombie Clone for Contest by nimbus2224Infected Clone Trooper by MoemooreClones don't give up that easily...(contest entry) by ZuluJZombietrooper POM Re-Submission by BlayadenZombi Clone Trooper by Skywalker9545Zombie Clone contest by ThomasBlack1Zombie Trooper 2 POM Re-Submission by BlayadenRepublic Zombie Commando by ChrispyDeeInfected Clone Trooper #2 by MoemooreZombie Trooper by Mondo3685Dat Trooper by Mondo3685Where's my arm? by SushiprincessContest Zombie Clone Trooper by Frozx398

Two more that for some reason can't be thumbnailed!……
:iconnemonus: brought this to my attention a few days ago. :iconpenguinpuffypants: posted a journal that hit me right in the heart. I wrote about the tragedy in Connecticut last week, without really knowing how to react to it, until I read that journal. I'll copy and past it here, but will also link directly so you can reply if you wish. Some may feel like it doesn't seem like much, but I believe it is a great step toward making the day one of remembrance of those affected, and NOT about the killer (who, let's face it, WANTED the attention). I will be contributing, and I ask that this holiday season, if you are able, to do the same. If it can contribute even a small amount of healing to anyone involved, then we will have done a great thing.

A Call To Artists

"I haven't been on Deviantart in what feels like a decade (though it's only been a few months...yearish), but recent events have inspired me to get online and make a call out to artists of all ilk. From any artist, amateur to professional, self-taught to educated, hobbyist and the like. To painters, doodlers, writers and poets. I'd like to make a call for something that needs attention to be remembered. Whether you're American, Canadian, African, Mexican, French, Russian. It matters not your age, your race, the color of your skin or your hair. Your social status, religious beliefs, rich/poor, it matters not. I'm calling out to all of you and I hope you all hear me and will take into account what I say.

Here in the United States just a few days ago there was a massacre of twenty children and six adults. As custom to any media American, the victims are laid wayside while the assailant is painted a martyr and will be remembered for years to come until the next monster comes around to topple his reign. It happened with Columbine and Virgina Tech. It happens daily in the Middle East and every part of the world. Children are hurt by people that should be showing them the way, guiding them down a path to a healthy and intellectually sound adulthood. Instead they are hurt, broken and murdered.

My spark to do something good in this world may have come from a tragedy that happened in the US, but for me it is beyond that. The massacre of the twenty children may not affect you, you may be living in Europe or Asia, but in a small way, it affects the world. It sends out ripples and makes you think, there's a small possibility that this could happen to me as rare as it might be. It takes one small moment to change the world, it may not be instantaneous but it's effects will eventually be felt world-wide. This is no longer about the children in the US. It's about ALL of them. All the children lost because one adult made a single terrible choice, it's about the children of the future who will be hurt by one single adult, and it's about the children still suffering.

My call is for any artist that feels any inclination to do something about it. Whether it be to show their anger, to show that they will take a step to change the world around them, or that there still is a glimmer of hope left within humanity. Children ARE our future, and if we don't take steps to guide them and teach them right, then we only breed more hate and hurt. You don't have to be a parent to understand this, you don't need the word of God to make this make sense, you don't need a fancy degree or work with children directly to understand that they are innocent and they NEED adults to do right by them.

I issue a challenge to anyone to create something from the heart for the kids that are still suffering, to the lost and to the parents as well. I will be making a space somewhere to post up anything submitted to the public and any so inclined to send me something physical I would like to make a collective book to send to the families of this massacre. I don't care what it is so long as the context is appropriate and not harmful. It doesn't need to be beautiful, so long as it's from the heart. I welcome letters, poetry, short stories, small comics, illustrations anything.

I implore you to share this with anyone you know, anyone that would be interested, through journals on deviantart, tumblr, twitter, reddit, facebook, I don't care. The more people we get involved the bigger our impact. This isn't about personal fame or glory, this is about showing that there is still a shred of humanity left in us all, that we aren't a completely desensitized collective and that we still know what the word compassion means.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information or would like to help in this endeavor, my name is Candice Hernandez, you can contact me through personal message here on deviantart, through comments, my personal e-mail is

Art is the purest form of expression and through us all we can make a change, no matter how miniscule it may seem. Please show your support for the kids, those still here and those that were lost to us.

Stop glorifying the monsters and remember the innocent."
Hey, guys! I hope you're all doing well.

Last year, I posted a journal about dealing with "holiday blues" and many of you responded. As you probably know, lots of folks suffer this time of year for a variety of reasons. Depression and stress are very real threats to many folks' well-being in the Christmas season. So, I just wanted to invite any of you guys to vent about your holiday blues, if you have any! Between commercial/consumer pressure, financial pressure, loneliness, and all types of unexplainable depression

Some past years have been rough to me. For a long time, I felt quite lonely (especially during the holidays), and it took a very, very long time for me to be happy and comfortable with just being alone! So believe me, I can relate to the blues this time of year. Though there are plenty of situations I can't relate to, I'm still happy to just listen and offer moral support.

Anyway, you guys treat me so well, I just wanted to post this so you guys could let out anything bothering you. I didn't respond much in the last journal about Connecticut, because it just felt better off not doing so. But I'll be acknowledging everything that ends up here. If you need to talk, let's talk! Or you could send me a note if you'd rather it be private. I love you guys and am here for you.

In the meantime, I'm working hard on the PoM trailer, as well as getting back to your commissions. Thanks so much for your patience as always!
I'd just like to offer my condolences to anyone affected by the tragedy in Connecticut today. I can't think of anything more sinister than murdering innocent children in cold blood. My sister and girlfriend are both teachers, and I can't help but wonder "What if it was their school?" For those of you that believe in prayer, please say one for the 28 innocent people that won't get to see tomorrow. Many of them had their entire lives ahead of them.

If any of you guys have anything to say, I absolutely welcome it, but I simply ask that we leave politics out of it. There's a day to express anger and debate stances on prevention, but today should be a day of mourning and respect for the souls lost. Thanks in advance.

Sunday December 30th, at 9 PM Eastern Time, I'll FINALLY get to debut the teaser trailer to POM! The sequel to my unofficial motion comic will be arriving in 2013, but I wanted to close out this year with a bang. I hope you'll all join me in my excitement and watch the trailer that Sunday! It'll be on YouTube as well as, this time, Vimeo as well. I'm extremely excited to lift the veil on some of the stuff that's been going on behind the scenes. It reveals quite a bit about the story, characters, and one other subtle surprise that I'm sure many of you Micro-Series fans will dig!

If you're a Facebook user, be sure to join the event!…
HUZZAH! SWGF cards have finally landed!

SWGF Remaining Return Cards by JoeHoganArt

Go check em out!…
Hey all and Happy early Thanksgiving! I'm about to run out the door for a long weekend with my girlfriend, and spend the holidays there with her on Long Island. I wanted to jump in quickly and wish you all a great holiday before I left!

So sorry I haven't been answering comments as much and often as I used to! But I do read them all and save them to answer when I do have time! Replies coming soon! haha If you comment, I WILL read and reply! Thanks for all of your support! <3

And thanks so much for your patience on the commissions. Working on some really cool new stuff for James Arnold Taylor's one-man show "Talking To Myself" again while trying to bang out all of your stuff! I think you'll all be happy with the stuff that's on the horizon!

Here's a list of some of the things I'm thankful for in 2012. iwillbeastarwarsartist.blogspo…

But more importantly, I want to know what YOU'RE thankful for this Thanksgiving! I MUST KNOW! =)