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Twynsunz Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Look'n at all your work for G7 brings back great feelings about the Star Wars saga-- it reminds me of the days of graduating high school and highly anticipating the birth of Darth Vader in ROTS yet to be released. We had a marathon on top of watching the classic clone wars mini-series over and over again. We are really glad to see such talented awesome artwork, bro! They truly needed an artist with such skill and talents in your amazing style to preserve and not only continue this great style, but keep those kinds of feelings alive! It is one thing to be able to achieve a certain look with the artwork, but to evoke an emotion with it is something else entirely-- and you do this greatly! Stay awesome, Hogan The force will be with you, always.
Mick :jedi: Hogan :jedi: Matt :jedi:
JoeHoganArt Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
Right back at you boys. It's an honor to know you, and I can't wait to see where this crazy-ass journey is gonna take us next! One thing's for sure: I'll be around to kill bad guys with -- always!! hahaha Hope you guys had a great and productive weekend! <333
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